Virus Attack Prevention

Do you have virus/hacker attack prevention systems in place and are they configured adequately?

Do you think 'it won't happen to us'?

Are you prepared for Cyber Terrorism?

How much would it cost your company if the IT systems were down for 1 day or maybe longer?

Your business is at risk from virus, hacker and the new threat of cyber-terrorism. Even with a firewall in place protecting your infrastructure from internet attack, hackers and the like will penetrate it if it is poorly configured. If you are one of those companies that doesn't have any protection systems in place, then you might as well leave your office front door unlocked at night.

PureITy Limited can provide an advice and guidance service to help you put the necessary prevention systems in place to guard against attack. In the unfortunate case of having been attacked, we can help you get your systems back on-line and ready for business. We can also audit your security arrangements and will provide you with an security audit report, highlighting problem areas and offer advice on how security can be tightened.

Security of IT infrastructures should not be taken lightly, it should be at the top of your agenda. The clear message from computer security companies is that you will be attacked. You should expect it, plan for it, prepare for it and above all survive it. Downtime can prove to be more costly than spending money upfront to defend your infrastructure from attack.

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