Project Management

With more than 26 years of project delivery experience and 4 years Project Management experience using PMI (Project Management Institute) methodologies, PureITy Limited can provide a Project Management or Programme Management service for your projects, whether they are large or small. Project Management is often seen to be an expensive project overhead, but without it, a project is almost certain to fail in one way or another. Project Management adds value and control to a project.

The Project Management service can be broken down into the following management areas as per the PMI Methodology as shown below:

Project Integration Management

  • Project Plan Development and Execution
  • Integrated Change Control

Project Scope Management

  • Initiation
  • Scope Planning, Definition, Verification and Change Control

Project Time Management

  • Activity Definition, Sequencing and Duration Estimating
  • Schedule Development and Control

Project Cost Management

  • Resource Planning
  • Cost Estimating, Budgeting and Control

Project Quality Management

  • Quality Planning, Assurance and Control

Project Human Resource Management

  • Organisation Planning
  • Staff Acquisition
  • Team Development

Project Communications Management

  • Communications Planning
  • Information Distribution
  • Performance Reporting
  • Administrative Closure

Project Risk Management

  • Risk Management Planning
  • Risk Identification Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response Planning, Monitoring and Control

Project Procurement Management

  • Procurement Planning
  • Solicitation Planning and Solicitation
  • Source Selection
  • Contract Administration and Close-out

PureITy Limited can not only provide you with a Project Management service but also a Programme Management service. Programme Management is where a group of related projects are managed in a coordinated way, thus ensuring all dependencies between the projects are not overlooked.

For further information on this service, please contact PureITy Limited, details are on the Contact information page.