About PureITy Limited

IT Consultancy

PureITy Limited has over 30 years experience within the IT industry. Experience ranging from PC Operating Systems (Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1), PC Applications through to Server Operating Systems and Network Infrastructures. PureITy has many years experience of server infrastructure management and sees it vitally important to pro-actively manage servers to ensure high availability.

Project Management

PureITy Limited has 26 years of project delivery experience, with 5 years of project management experience and therefore knows exactly what is required when it comes to project activities. PureITy can not only provide a first class Project Management service, but can also provide a Programme Management service. This service ensures that multi project activity is managed such that dependencies between the projects are not overlooked so that each project will run as smoothly as possible.

To give you an idea of the project management experience PureITy has gained over time, below are 2 examples of project management experiences.

1. Project Management for the design and implementation of 2 highly resilient, high availability Storage Area Networks (SAN’s), each having 3 NetWare 5.1 file servers running Novell Cluster Services. Each of the SAN’s data was backed up to a 25 slot tape library comprising 2 SDLT tape drives to give the necessary throughput to ensure backs completed within the backup window. All the hardware was Compaq rack mount systems, with Compaq Insight Manager implemented to pro-actively manage the hardware. This was a very successful project which delivered exactly to time and within budget.

2. Project Management for the migration from Windows 95 desktop to Windows 2000 Professional, managed in a NetWare server environment. This project was a two phase project. The first phase re-engineered the LAN and WAN topology and redesigned and merged 15 NDS trees into 1 tree. This work was necessary to ensure the benefits of managing 2500 Windows 2000 Professional clients from within the NDS, was achieved. The second phase implemented ZENworks for Desktop 3.2 within the NetWare server infrastructure to manage the Windows 2000 Pro clients. This software allows for delivery across the wire of the Windows 2000 Professional client images along with the necessary software packages appropriate for the location of each client, management of the client desktop by the use of policies, automated client inventory and client remote control. The project was very successful, allowing for the migration of approximately 1500 Windows 95 clients to Windows 2000 Pro over a period of just 7 days.